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Skin Care Products Ingredients


Paraben Free, No GMO Skin Care


Organic Avocado Oil – Reduces fine lines, wrinkles & age spots; excellent sunscreen, & hydrant for the skin; protects skin from premature aging; contains vitamins A, E & C

Organic Jojoba Oil – Anti-bacterial; anti-inflammatory; excellent for dry ski w/o being oily; makeup remover; similar to natural sebum (oil) produced by our bodies, thereby reduces oily skin

Organic Emu Oil – Reduces depth & length of fine lines; reduces acne, age spots,dry skin, scars & stretch marks

Organic Coconut Oil – Skin hydration; moisturizer; produces collagen, treats psoriasis

Organic Sweet Almond Oil – Moisturizing; softening; eczema; dryness; inflammation; itching; Vitamins B1, B6, B2, A & E

Organic Sunflower Seed Oil – Dry skin

Organic Safflower Seed Oil – Moisturizer

Organic Sesame Seed Oil – Antioxidant; Vitamins A & E

Virgin Olive Oil – Moisturizes & smooths skin

Organic Rose hip Seed Oil – Skin dehydrator; prevents skin damage; restores normal skin color; skin color; slows skin -aging signs; diminishes fine lines; stretch marks

Organic Grapeseed Oil – Normal-oily skin; lightens/tones skin; treats acne; anti-oxidant


Bergamot Essential Oil – Antiseptic; acne treatment; astringent; uplifts moods

Lavender Essential Oil – Calming; reduces anxiety; reduce scarring; healing; stretch marks; acne; allergies

Sandalwood Essential Oil – Smooths fine lines & wrinkles; acne; eczema; anti-inflammatory; regulates oil production; balances oily or dry skin

Neroli Essential Oil – Calming; aphrodisiac; smooths skin; benefits dry aging skin; promotes healing scars, wrinkles & stretch marks; eases itching; regulates oiliness

Myrrh Essential Oil – aids prevention anti-aging skin; wards off wrinkles; aids chapped skin; regenerates new cells; healthy glow to skin; heals blemishes

Frankincense Essential Oil – Wrinkles; scars; anti-aging; anti-itch; mature skin

Jasmine Essential Oil – Benefits ALL skin types; regulates oil production; moisturizes dry, dehydrated mature skin

Patchouli Essential Oil – Allergies; anxiety; wrinkles; mind clarity; cellulite

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Clears acne; reduces oiliness; promotes regeneration of skin tissue; opens sinuses & clears congestion

Lemon Essential Oil – Balances overactive oil glands; acne; exfoliates dead skin; softens scar tissue; improves circulation

Peppermint Essential Oil – Decreases oily skin; provides clear skin; minimizes hot flashes

Sweet Orange Essential Oil – Restores balance to dry or oily skin; promotes collagen; reduces puffiness; minimizes dry/wrinkled skin; softens skin; clears blemishes


Organic Raw Shea Butter – Skin elasticity; cell growth; heals scars, burns, stretch marks; smooth lines & wrinkles; firms aging skin; moisturizes dry skin; contains Vitamins A, E, & F

Ascorbic Acid – lightens and brightens the skin; helps produce collagen; antioxidant; wound healing

Vitamin E – prevents cell damage; protects skin from UV light; improves skin texture; reduces depth wrinkles

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